This week In P3IL…

This week has been full of fun and adventure!

In maths and numeracy we have been working further on learning different division strategies. We have began to interlink our learning  and see how we can use many different strategies to create the question when we have the answer. Below is one of the students creating different questions to get to the answer of 15.

We have been learning more about the a Romans as part of our IDL topic this term. We got to investigate some roman “poo” as part of our research about the diet of the Romans and how that compared to our diet. I did take a picture  but I will spare you from having to look! From our investigation we discovered the Romans ate many different things such as dates, olives, bread and oranges.

In literacy we have been learning to write an informative report. We wrote a report on dogs and had to have accurate and relevant information, organised under clear headings.

Today we watched the amazing performance of the upper school in collaboration with Scottish opera and it was absolutely amazing!

We are VERY excited for our class trip to the library next week so we can research our Roman topic further. Thank you to those parents who volunteered to help, we look forward to having you a come along!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs Jacobs