This Week in P2/3RS…

It’s guid to see ye! It has been Scots Week this week and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning Coulters’ Candy, The Gruffalo in Scots and Zebra by J K Annand. Congratulations to our  poetry finalists – Dylan and Emile, Malcolm and Aimee. We are currently eagerly awaiting the results. While we wait, let us fill you in on what else we have been learning and doing this week….


Aimee – We have been learning the Gruffalo in Scots. We acted out the Gruffalo to practise.

Reece – We have been learning our class poem Zebra.


Antos – In Maths we have been learning to do part-part-whole to create take away sums.

Channing – We have been learning some maths words – increase means you add and decrease means you take away.


Cailean – We have been learning about castles and we are turning a bit of our classroom into a Great Hall.

Dylan – We have been making shield and big banners to look like tapestries to decorate our Great Hall.

Malcolm – We made shields thinking of the Heraldry system. I put a lion on mine to show I am brave and fierce and red because I am a great knight.