This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been continuing to learn how to subtract basic amounts, using different concrete materials and various methods. We used cubes, tens frames, fingers and the crossing out method. We also consolidated our learning of o’clock times and continued our focus on 3D shape.

“6 take away 2 is 4.” – Oscar

“When you make 5 o’clock, you put the big hand to the 12 and the little hand to the 5.” – Sarah

“We used cubes to put behind our back to take away.” – Abigail


In Literacy, we learned the ‘oo’ sound. We used Cheerios to make ‘oo’ words in the tuff tray. We read the story The Snail and the Whale, as part of our Under the Sea topic, and used this as a stimulus to develop our visualisation skills through drawing a picture to match a part of the story. We also completed our set of instructions on How to brush your teeth and ensured we used the words ‘First’, ‘Next’, ‘Then’ and ‘Finally’, to order our steps.

“The ‘oo’ sound has 2 o’s in it. Moon has ‘oo’ in it.” – Faith

“The snail kept coming up on all the pages. I liked the part when all the snails went onto the whale’s tail.” – Phoebe

“I put a tiny snail in my drawing because I know snails are small.” – Phoebe


In IDL, we began our Under the Sea topic. We learned lots of information about jellyfish and watched a video to see how they move through the water. We then wrote our own jellyfish fact files and even made our own jellyfish craft. 

“We wrote jellyfish facts. Jellyfish can sting. Turtles eat jellyfish.” – Zack

“Jellyfish can sting you.” – Logan

“Jellyfish can light up and they have tentacles.” – Oscar