This Week in P5/6 TG

After a busy few weeks of rehearsals P6 are in the final preparations for their Scottish Opera performance on Friday afternoon, we hope to see you there!


It’s been all about Scots this week, we have been rehearsing for our celebration even next week Friday. We have also presented our learning in the form of recitals and art work learned and completed at home.  We have used our listening skills to draw Nessie and a Thistle which will be on display next week, we had to follow some intricate instructions.

We have continued to read our class novel Brightstorm and in writing we have written detailed descriptions of a monster character in addition to our daily writing challenges.



We are still leaning about Dinosaurs but we have upped the amount of fraction work we have done – we have folded paper and estimated and drawn fractions and we have used these to compare fractions. We have now moved on to understanding, illustrating and calculating equivalent fractions.  We have been putting our tables knowledge to use to complete these.



We have thought about how we would like to learn about Scottish Inventions, we talked about what we want to do, we are excited about the idea of some more practical activities and going outside to use loose parts to demonstrate our learning.

This week we use a story pathway to retell the story about how Marmalade was invented – Fergus told us this story last week and we could still remember it!


We have finally completed our self-portraits in the style of Frieda Kahlo – with impressive backgrounds, extended neck and dominant eyebrows. We drew our faces thinking about proportion and placing features carefully. We asked our partners to help us identify colours to use for our eyes and hair, we had to think about light and dark too.


We coloured feathers with our goals on them and Ms Belford has used these to make a colourful  wing display – I’ll Spread My Wings and Fly.

We think it’s beautiful.


We did the Bleep test last week and Mr Manson was super impressed with our effort.  On Monday we continued to develop our Badminton skills through playing lots of mini-games.


We can now count up to 31 in German! We played Lotto and Battle Ships to reinforce our skills. Mrs Shepherd from Alloa academy visits every Wednesday to help us practice even more.