This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been having a good week (Martyna).

This week in IDL we have chosen our new topic, which will start in February. We have chosen climate change (Umar).  We were asked what we would like to learn through our KWL and we were given the outcomes from science to help us pick (Leon, Seren). I am looking forward to the topic as we will get to do a lot of activities about climate change and some experiments (Georgia).

This week in Maths we have been learning to identify a sequence and the rule (Aila). We looked at the Fibonacci sequence, square numbers and triangular numbers (Maria, Georgia).  I enjoyed Maths this week, I understand more about square numbers (Cerys). I was successful because I was able to work out the pattern in the sequence (Finlay).

In writing we used our notes from a topic in the news, to help us learn how to write a newspaper. (Logan).  We wrote a newspaper article about real life problems, I wrote mines about America and Iran (Lachlan). I wrote mines on the Australian bush fires because I like fires. Even though I did not get it finished, I am proud of what I did and I think I was on my way to being successful (Georgia).

This week has been full of exciting things and P7LS are excited about what the next one will bring.

From P7LS  and Miss Stewart