This week in P3IL

We have had another brilliant week in P3IL.

In English and Literacy,  we loved having Fergus the storyteller come to visit our class and tell us all sorts of interesting stories! We then heard Whuppity Stourie which is a Scottish story. We went on to create our own story map and retold the story in our writing.

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been working on division. We have being learning many different division strategies such as repeated subtraction, using a blank number line, equal groups and arrays. We have worked very hard on this and are making great progress! Well done!

In our IDL, we have been working on our poems and learning more about Robert Burns. We have enjoyed reading some Scottish Fairy Tales and different Scottish poetry. We will be selecting the finalists on Tuesday  for our competition reciting the poem ‘Skatin’.

What a brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs Jacobs