This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to read, write and draw o’clock times in both an analogue and digital format. We have also started to look at subtraction and have been using the crossing out method to help us work out how many are left. We have been singing along to the months of the year song every day and are becoming more familiar with naming these months in order. We have been continuing to use our bunny ears to show different amounts, as shown on a dice.

 “We were crossing out to take away.” –Jorgi

“We were learning how to say the months of the year out loud. – Lily

“The big hand points to 12 and the little hand to the hour.” – Finlay

In Literacy, we have been consolidating the following diagraphs: ai, oa and ie. We read the story Tiddler, as part of our new IDL (Under the Sea), and used this as a stimulus to develop our visualisation skills through drawing a picture to match a part of the story. We also began to write a set of instructions titled How to brush your teeth, after discussing the purpose of instructions and where we might find them. We continued to do Show and Tell on our favourite fairy tales, linking into last term’s topic.

“We had to ask and answer questions about the books for Show and Tell.” – Zack

“’ie’ has the ‘i’ sound.” – Logan

“You have to put toothpaste on your brush first and after that, brush your teeth.” – Abigail

“We had to think about the pictures in our head and draw them.” – Phoebe

In RME, we continued to learn about Christian stories and read the story of the birth of Moses. We did a follow up craft activity to help us understand and remember this story.

 “The pharoh wanted to kill all the baby boys.” – Abigail

“They made a basket and hid Moses behind the leaves.” – Oscar