This week in P.6JDW – 17.1.20

This week in P.6JDW – 17.1.20

Class Trip to the Engine Shed in Stirling

Jack, Leon, Caiden, Airingas, Karis, D’arcy, Grace and Ollie – “On Tuesday we took a train from Alloa to Stirling to visit the Engine Shed.  We learned lots about energy.  We watched a film clip in 3D effect. We worked in groups to build a windmill.  All of our activities were linked to energy and climate change.  Have a look on twitter to see some of our photos!”

Fergus the Storyteller

Kimberley, Stephanie, Aleena, Scott S and Mirren – “On Thursday, we had a visit from Fergus.  He told us lots of stories about Scottish Inventors and he sang us some songs and played his guitar.  It was good fun!

Scottish Songs

Scott M – “We are learning to sing 2 Scottish songs, they are called ‘Shug the Dug’ and ‘Sam the Skull”.  We are singing the songs with P.5/6 and are looking forward to the Scots Showcase event.”


Lewis H and Lily – “On Wednesday, Mrs Shepherd from Alloa Academy came to our class again.  We revised the numbers up to 31 and played some German number games.   On Thursday with Mrs Coons, we played some German number and colour games. “


Michael and Jorja – “We were learning how to use the right hand and left hand at the same time.  It was quite hard to keep your fingers straight.  We played a tune using both hands.”


Sophie and Leah – “We painted our Nessie illustrations and my drawing had red spots and red spikes.  We then illustrated a thistle to match our Scottish Poem – ‘The Thrissle’.