This week in P.4/5


We have been writing a couple of stories. We wrote about the man on the moon and Monty the Penguin. The Man on the Moon was about a man who lived on the moon and a little girl who lived on Earth. Monty the Penguin was about a little boy who had a toy penguin but his imagination helped him to think it was a real penguin (Grace). I though I could write with more description and detail in my story so that’s my next step (Michael).  I liked The Man on the Moon story because I liked drawing the plan of it (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We designed the floor plan of a house and had to calculate the area of each room (Eilidh H).  We also calculated the perimeter of each room (Amy J). We started learning about fractions this week. If you half a number, I know that you divide by 2 (Tyler). We were using cubes to help us work out a fraction. We split the cubes into equal groups to find quarters and halves (Rebekah).


On Wednesday a man called Fergus came into our class and told us stories and songs in Scots because we are learning Scots poems and songs in class (Mac). The P.4s later listened to a story and had to retell that story to the P.5s. It was a story about Miss Belford and how she misheard the word ‘ferry’ for the word ‘fairy’ (Eilidh D). I thought it was really fun when we had to draw parts of the story to help us retell the main points of the story (Jamie). I really liked listening to the P.4s retelling the story to us (Tyler). I didn’t like the end of the story because it was a bit disgusting (Anabia).

Scots and Assembly

We coloured in musical notes which were being cut out for a display (Ben). We started to practise a Just Dance video from the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana to show at assembly (Innes). We have been practising our songs every day (Rebekah). We have learned the lines of our class poem ‘Street Talk’ and started to put actions into it (Ben).