Primary 1EC week beginning 13.01.20


This week in Numeracy we have been revising o’clock time using the little yellow clocks. We are learning to read and set o’clock times. We also started to look at reading and writing digital o’clock times.

We are doing very well. Mrs Cuthbert is very proud of us!

“The big minute hand always goes up to the top, to the number 12” Rhys

“I love the ‘Wakey Wakey’ Education city game” Callen

We also started learning about a new calculation- subtraction. Subtraction also means take away. We have used concrete materials to help us solve word problems

Eg there were 6 cows in the field. 4 of them went to be milked. How many are left?

We used cubes to help us solve the problem.


To extend our learning we also learned the strategy of crossing out when completing a worksheet.

Eg there were 6 cows in the field. 4 of them went to be milked. How many are left?


On Wednesday afternoon we visited the Spiers Centre Library. Ian read us ‘Room on the Broom’ and then we chose Non-Fiction books for our IDL topic of Under the Sea. We enjoyed looking at the books and spending time in the library.

Our books have now gone into genre boxes in our class library for us to read during literacy rotations and choosing time.

To consolidate our digraphs ai, oa and ie we participated in some diacritical marking.


Fergus the Storyteller:

On Thursday afternoon P1EC had Fergus in class. He told them stories and songs. They loved his enthusiasm and excitement for telling stories. We cannot wait to do some of the ideas he shared with the teachers.



This term we are continuing to learn about different bible stories. This week’s story was about Moses. We heard the story and then created a craft to show our understanding.