This Week in P7LS…

We had a fantastic first week back.

This week in maths we have been working on using integers and negative numbers (Logan). We have been learning to add positive and negative numbers (Martyna). We use doubled sided counters to represent positive and negative numbers, blue was positive and red was negative (Caleb, Logan and Seren). We flipped over two playing cards and used them to add the integers together (Logan). I think I was successful because I managed to use the right strategies to get the correct answers (Martyna). I think I was successful because I was able to answer the questions confidently (Logan). I think I achieved the learning because I now know what an integer is (Seren). I think it was fun to use the cards and the counters for maths (Caleb).

This week in Scottish Opera, they came to visit to see how our singing is coming along (Josh). We also learned some new actions to our songs (Josh). The person who came told us to add more acting to our singing (Maria). I like Scottish Opera because I like singing (Halle). I enjoy it a lot because I get to sing (Scott).

This week we started our new class novel called The Nowhere Emporium (Jayden). We have been learning to predict the setting, event and characters of the novel using the blurb and the front cover (Sean, Nieve). We also have been learning to visual the shop in the prologue of the book (Aila). We had to draw this based on the description in the story (Aila). The last task of the week was to answer questions based on chapter 1 and 2. I found the comprehension challenging and we didn’t have the book to look back on (Jayden). I enjoyed visualizing the shop because I like drawing (Nieve). It was hard predicting because there wasn’t a lot of information in the blurb (Sean). I quite enjoyed the predicting task, I like the challenge of predicting when there is not a lot of information (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning to write a descriptive setting  (Nathan). This was based on our class novel, the author described the shop in the prologue (Georgia). We had to use ambitious vocabulary, figurative language and ambitious punctuation. I think I was successful because I used different forms of figurative language to make my work more interesting to read (Lachlan). I enjoyed writing because I got to discover how much I was able to write in describing a setting (Georgia). I enjoyed this work because I like using description (Nathan).

This week has been filled with lots of exciting activities and we look forward to what next week holds.

From P7 and Miss Stewart