Primary 1EC Week beginning 06.01.20


Happy New Year Everyone!

It was lovely seeing all the children back and hearing all about their Christmas holidays.


For writing this week we looked at New Year’s Resolutions. After thinking about what promise we could make to ourselves we made a new year wishing wand

‘I want to try and save my money’ Melissa

‘I am going to help my mum keep all the bedrooms tidy’ Hana

‘I want to try hard at golf, I have my first lesson soon’ May

‘I want to help my Mum around the house’ Callen

‘I want to try and be a nicer sister’ Kendal


This week we learned a new digraph too, ‘ie’ as in pie.

We completed different activities such as word building, playing 4 in a row and reading ‘ie’ words. Next week is a consolidation week and we will be revisiting ‘ai’ ‘oa’ and ‘ie’



This week we worked collaboratively with P1HD. Our IDL hook lesson saw us putting together jigsaw pieces and working out what all the jigsaws had in common.

‘I liked making the jigsaws’ Miley

‘I found it hard to find all the matching pieces’ Rhys

‘I think our topic is about sea creatures’ Cooper

‘Our new topic is about under the sea’ Pheobe

Back in class the children shared what they already knew about ‘Under the Sea’

‘A daddy seahorse has the babies’ Darcie

‘A sea snake is very, very, very long’ Kristofer

‘A pufferfish gets bigger and bigger’ May

After sharing what we knew we talked to our friends about what we would like to learn about. Here are some of our

‘I want to learn about seahorses’

‘I want to learn about sea lions’

‘Why do crabs move sideways?’

‘Why do pufferfish get bigger?’

‘I would like to learn about turtles?’

‘Are there different kinds of snakes?

Rhys expressed an interest in making lots of crafts in our IDL topic, so watch this space…!


Circle Time/HWB:

As part of our Health and Well-being curriculum we have been discussing people we can go to if we are worried, upset or need advice. This week we talked about family members that we could go to. One was to be a close family member and one was to be someone we didn’t live with. Next week we are going to talk about other adults we could go to.

We are designing a ‘My 5’ hand of the 5 people we can speak to.