This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we focused on ordinal numbers. We learned the language of 1st, 2nd, 3rd…10th and engaged in various whole class and independent activities to support this. We also learned number words for numbers 6-10 and consolidated this through a Christmas themed Snowman matching game.

“I like the number 10. We say 10th.” – Oscar

“t-e-n.” – Jorgi

“We tried to build the snowman up by counting each bit. We counted pictures of fingers, tens frames and read the number word. I liked when I built lots of snowmen.” – Abigail

In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘oa’ and consolidated last week’s sound: ‘ai’. We read the story Puss and Boots, as part of our IDL, and used this as a stimulus to develop our visualisation skills through drawing a picture to match a part of the story. We also learned some Christmas traditions about Santa Clause and wrote 1 or 2 facts about him.

“’oa’ has an ‘o’ and an ‘a’ and ‘goat’ has ‘oa’ in it.” – Faith

“I was successful when I pointed to the sounds.” – Finlay

“Puss and Boots jumped on the cat. I drew a mouse and a cat. The cat was wearing a cowboy hat and a cape and also he was wearing some boots.” – Phoebe

“I won a start writer award because I wrote about Santa Clause. The elves and Santa were making presents at the North Pole.” – Lily

In RME, we continued to learn about Christian stories and read the story of Noah’s Ark. We spoke about the moral of the story and made a craft to represent the animals on the boat.

“Noah built a boat because there was going to be a flood. The animals went on the boat.” – Sarah

“There were lots of evil people.” – Finlay