Week Beginning 02.12.19 Primary 1EC


This week has been non-stop rehearsing for the Nativity, The Innkeeper’s Breakfast. All tickets are sold out and I am sure that you will enjoy the performance.

We have been working hard to perfect our lines, speak clearly and to remember our stage directions. A small group of us have been learning a simple dance to accompany one of our songs.



This week we learned a new digraph.

“We learned the ai sound’   Summer

These words have ai in them

“hair” April

“aim” Celestan

“train” Callen

“rain” Hana


The children are becoming very confident at building words containing their digraphs.

“Mrs Cuthbert, can you challenge us and give us a 5 letter word?” Kristofer

Kristofer came out and correctly built the word ‘train’



This week in Numeracy we looked at ordinal numbers:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc

This is a new concept for the children and they have done very well.

“I found that really easy Mrs Cuthbert. I am going to self-assess my work green”  Andrew

Next week we will continue to build on this knowledge

With Miss Elizabeth we investigated Carroll Diagrams. We were able to identify the different criteria on the diagram and sort the elves accordingly.