This week in P7AG…

Another busy week in P7AG!


We were learning to identify and use figurative language and we focused on hyperbole this week (Allana). Hyperbole is an example of figurative language (Charlie B). Hyperbole is where you exaggerate when you describe something (Bronik). For example, I could sleep for a whole year (Daniel). We created our own examples of hyperbole (Bronik), and tried to make links with our WW2 topic.

We have also been learning to apply new spelling rules (Ross). We practiced our spelling using rainbow writing (Bronik), robot writing (Alicia), pyramid writing (Hayley), blue vowels (Leah), other hand writing (Ross).


We have been learning to mentally multiply decimal fractions (Leah). We have been trying different strategies to help us (Andrew K). We used the decimal place value counters to help us represent the number and to show our working (Alicia). We completed tasks to show our understanding, for example: we worked on Education city or completed a worksheet (Bronik). “I enjoyed using education city to learn this week because it was more engaging and fun” (Charlie B).


We have been learning to set up and run an enterprise (Alicia). We designed and made super snowmen tree decorations (Summer). We worked out the profit and created a pricing list (Dylan). We also shopped around for the products but we found this difficult because we had to divide the total cost by the total items (Bronik). We then sold our items at the Christmas fayre, using persuasion to convince shoppers to buy our product (Ross). Thank you to all our customers who bought our items!

With Christmas coming up, we have been learning our Christmas carols and associated Makaton (Charlie M). Makaton is a type of sign language (Mia).

Thank you for reading our blog,

P7AG and Miss Gillon