This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been busy learning new things, as we missed a lot last week due to Max in the Middle.

This week in Numeracy we have been to subtract. Some have been learning how to subtract 2 digits by 3 digits and some 3 digits by 3 digits (Georgia). We have been using the chunking method to help us subtract mentally (Maria). One day I will have to learn how to do the chunking method in my head so that I don’t have to write it down (Georgia). I think I was successful because I used the decompose and compose method to subtract (Lachlan). I was successful at partitioning my numbers (Finlay).

In IDL we have been reading extracts from a new novel called The Boy and the Striped Pyjamas (Sean). We were learning to explore characters in a text (Umar). We had to fill in a grid about the characters we had met in the first chapter. We had to write about what we knew about the characters and then our opinions on the character (Aila). I thought it was challenging as we didn’t know a lot about all the characters, we had to use inference to work things out (Summer). I quite enjoyed the chapter so far because it was interesting and I’m excited to see what else goes on in the story (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning  to use  description in our writing. We were to write  a descriptive story about the holocaust (Euan) I think I was successful because I was able to use lots of figurative language (Umar) I feel like I was successful because I used lots of ambitions vocabulary  (Seren). I feel like I was successful because  I used lots of figurative language (Neive).

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