This week in P3/4NM

Hello from P3/4NM and Mrs Muir!  Here is a snapshot of some of our learning this week.

In Literacy, we were learning to read and spell words with a variety of sounds, as well as some common words and project-related vocabulary.  Between the 3 different spelling groups, we covered the ‘Magic e with u’, ‘ew’ and ‘oi’ sounds.  We all made a wordsearch containing words with our own group’s sounds and challenged each other to find the words that we had hidden.
– “It was really easy to find the ‘ew’ words in Emma’s wordsearch.” (Emily)
– “It was quite tricky to find the ‘Magic e’ words in Oscar’s wordsearch.” (Eli)
In our writing lesson this week, we continued to learn how to write logically-sequenced instructions.  We had to use a range of sentence openers, to move on from just using First, Next, Then and Finally.  These instructions were designed to teach people ‘How to Wrap a Present’.
– “Begin by rolling out your wrapping paper and place your present in the middle.  Cut the wrapping paper where you rolled it out to.” (Beth and Nadia)
– “After that overlap the paper and stick with tape.  Fold the flaps into triangles and tape them down.” (Ava and Tyler)
– “Once you’ve done that tie a ribbon starting at the bottom of the present.” (Hannah)
– “Lastly, write the gift tag and stick it on the present.” (Eli)

In Numeracy, we were combining many of the skills that we have been learning over the past 8 weeks.  We revised how to round 2- or 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100, depending on which group we are in.  We used these rounding skills to estimate the answer to addition or subtraction calculations.  We then had to use the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned to work out the actual answer, before comparing it with the estimate, e.g.
– “69-12 is almost 70-10 which equals 60.  69-12 is actually 57, which is almost 60” (Oscar)

In IDL, we were learning about different careers and professions that people can take up when they leave education.  We also spoke about the different education opportunities that are available after leaving secondary school, including going to college, university or becoming an apprentice.  We all had to give an opinion about what we aspire to do when we grow up, and were encouraged to provide a reason why.
– “I want to be a police officer because i want to drive the police car.” (Adam)
– “I want to be a train driver because I love trains.” (Rhys)
– “I want to be a football manager because I am interested in football.” (Emma)
– “I want to be a dancer because I like dancing.” (Karina)

In Art, we designed pictures which showed our understanding of ‘perspective’.  We cut out and added patterns to tree shapes, which we had to arrange so that some were in the ‘foreground’ and some were in the ‘background’.  Look out for our photos on Twitter!