This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we learned how to read and write the number 20 and made this amount in different ways, for example by stamping 20 times, identifying 20 on the number line, counting out 20 using the tens frames etc. We continued to develop our addition skills and used a variety of active strategies to find different ways to make an amount. 

“I went to the book fair and saw different books. I liked the Lego book with toys.” – Misha

“20 has a 2 and a 0. “ – Abigail

“10 and 10.” – Jorgi

“We learned to write 20 using two and zero.” – Zack


“4 and 4 makes 8.” – Lucas

In Literacy, we consolidated all of the sounds we have learned so far. We were able to learn through various literacy activities, for example building CVC words on whiteboards, identifying rhyming words and playing matching games. We also wrote a set of instructions for the first time and it was called ‘How to make a spell’. This linked in with our new fairy tale, Cinderella.

“We wrote about the witch’s spell. Mine had spiders in it.”– Finlay

“I put in 1 spider into my potion to make a spell.” – Oliver

“I put 2 mice in to make my spell.” – Faith

In IDL, we read the story of Cinderella and based much of our learning around this. We took part in drama activities to help us understand the characters and we made predictions on what we thought might happen next in the story.

“We did drama and Cinderella sat on the hot seat. She answered questions from the story.” – Faith