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What a fantastic week we have had in Primary 7AG. We had the pleasure of working alongside Dan and Swain from the Max in the Middle project, run by the NHS. The main focus of the week was learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy through both our diet and exercise.

On ‘Meeting Monday’ we played games in the morning (Stuart) before beginning our choreography for dance 1 (Charlie M). We also created the character of Max and decided on what traits we felt the character should have.

On ‘Tasty Tuesday’ we practised our dance routine (Leah) and created drama scenes to share Max’s story (Hayley).  We also learning how to safely prepare food before trying these during the tasting sessions. We prepared:

  • Salmon Boats with Salmon (Emma), Lettuce (Corey) Mayonnaise (Allana), Dill (Leah), Chives and Carrots (Andrew T).
  • Cheese and biscuits (Daniel) with Brie (Addison), wensleydale with apricot (Dylan) and soft cheese,
  • Fruit tumbles, which included peach (Hala), pineapple (Bronik), rice crispies (Cameron), Greek yogurt (Charlie B), berries (Beth) and honey (Ross).

On ‘Workout Wednesday’  we learned dance two (Alicia) and completed various drama skits.

On ‘Thinking Thursday’ – we brought all our learning together to create a show (Summer).

On ‘Finale Friday’- We presented our learning to our parents and careers as part of our showcase (Andrew T).

We wish we could do it all over again!!!

Primary 7AG.