This week in P7AG….

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Maths –

We have been learning to subtract mentally (Ross). We used the partitioning strategy to help us subtract in smaller chunks (Hayley). We also choose if we wanted to use place value counters to help with subtraction (Corey).

We were also learning to apply our knowledge of subtraction when we worked on word problems (Leah). Those who felt confident choose to have a go at subtracting decimal numbers using the partitioning method (Charlie B).


Literacy –

We were learning to use punctuation correctly, where focused the use of an apostrophe (Emma). I know that an apostrophe goes after the word and before the s to show the item belongs to the person. E.g. Allana’s pencil case. We also learned the difference between “its” and “it’s” and know that it’s is short for it is (Daniel). We have been learning to select information from them book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Addison) to create a character profile.


Spelling –

We have been learning new spelling rules and strategies this week (Andrew T) and put these to practice with our spelling challenges.


Writing –

We were learning to use figurative language in our writing (Aaron). Our writing was based on our topic of WW2. The context for our writing was a story was based on the feelings and emotions felt by the Jewish people when the Nazis came to collect them for the concentrations camps (Mia). I know I was successful because I included punctuation in the correct places and included onomatopoeia – which is an example of figurative language (Bronik).



We have been learning about the holocaust and who was taken to these camps (Alicia). This week we created a leaflet about the holocaust (Cameron). We had to listen, select and make notes based on the information. I found the note taking difficult because it was quick and there was a lot of information (Summer). I know I was successful because I completed a leaflet that was attractive for the reader and it had information about the holocaust (Charlie M).

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