This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we learned how to read and write the number 19 and have had many opportunities to count within 20. We became more familiar with the part, part, whole method for addition and used this, alongside our cubes, to find different ways to make 6 and 7. We also continued to develop our data handling skills by going outside to find out the colour of the cars in our staff car park. We then made a bar graph to display these results.

“We walked in the class and had to shake people’s hands 19 times.” – Jessica

“We were finding different ways to make 6. 3 and 3 makes 6.” – Jorgi

“We were outside looking at cars in the car park. We counted how many red, blue, black, white or other cars there were.” – Abigail

“We made a bar graph.” – Finlay


In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘j’ and consolidated the sounds we have learned so far. We had opportunities to write  our taught sounds through an activity called ‘roll and write’. We also wrote an account of our soup making from last week and had to draw a detailed picture to match.

“I enjoyed rolling the dice and writing the sounds because I wanted to learn them.”– Lily

“I wrote about peeling the carrots and putting them in the pot and putting the bread in the soup.” – Faith

“I used the word ‘delicious’ in my writing because I made the soup and then sat down on my chair to enjoy it.” – Oscar

“Jam starts with ‘j’.”– Phoebe


In Health and Wellbeing, we continued to learn about different ways to be a good friend. We discussed ways we could make others happy and were able to identify people who we had made happy that day.

“Playing with them.” – Misha

“I make Finlay happy by reading him books.”– Zack

“I share and play with the puppets with my friends.”- Nicholas