Primary 1EC Week beginning 11.11.19

Another busy week in many ways in Primary 1EC this week. The children have been consolidating concepts in Literacy and Maths/Numeracy and have also started the Nativity. This year our Nativity is called ‘The Innkeeper’s breakfast’. We will have more information to follow shortly.

Health and Wellbeing: PE

P1EC have been working hard in PE to develop their core stability and strength as part of our Gymnastics block. We have been discussing the importance of control, quality and safety.

This week we have been Learning to hold a variety of different ‘Balances,’ by holding our bodies ‘strong and still’ for 5 seconds. We are also beginning to link our skills together with the rotations we learnt last week.

Tooth brushing:

Everyday Primary 1EC brush their teeth after lunch.  We are getting very good at keeping the toothpaste in our mouths and not making a mess. We have to brush our teeth for 2 minutes.


This week we have continued to look at numbers to 20. We used active games and ipads to consolidate our learning.

When we have to draw a big number of objects we know that we have to draw them in a line and then count them slowly to make sure we have drawn the correct number. Mrs Cuthbert has been very impressed with their understanding and the strategies they have been using.

In Data Handling we have moved on to looking at bar graphs. We are able to gather information using tally marks and then colour in the right number of boxes to show the amount of items.


This week we continues with our whisper reading. This is where we all read our reading book at the same time. We choose a small pet to read to (whisper). We don’t have to worry about others listening to us and we read at our own pace. Miss Elizabeth and Mrs Cuthbert come round to hear us and help us if we need it.