This week in P7LS…

This week in our P7 blog we have lots to write about as we have had a very busy week.

This week in IDL we have been learning to put together our remembrance assembly (Ewan). We have been rehearsing the poem In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. We have also been learning our assembly scripts for our assembly (Seren). On Friday we performed our assembly (Aila). We were successful with our learning because we managed to perform our assembly to the whole school (Logan). I think I was successful because I said my part with accuracy and fluency (Lachlan). I felt I was successful in learning the poem because I practised this a lot and I could say this off by heart without the words (Georgia).

In PE we have been learning to use our strength and balance (Ethan). Using spring boards and our gymnastic skills, we have been balancing and strengthening up our bodies (Ethan). I was successful because I managed to keep a balancing position for 5 seconds (Maria). I was successful because I used different types of balances (Euan).

In Maths we have been learning to add mentally (Umar). We started off the week adding whole numbers, 3 digits by 2 digits and then we moved on to adding decimals (Euan). We used our place value counters to help us add our decimal fractions (Nieve). I personally think I need more practise with adding decimals and I will keep using the counters to help me (Caleb). It was challenging using the counters because it takes longer making sure all the correct counters are in the right column (Sean).

In  Literacy we have been learning to use metaphors (Lachlan). We had sentences on the board and we had to identify the metaphors with a green tick and put a red cross next to the similes (Georgia). I needed a lot of help but I started to understand this at the end (Cerys). I found it challenging because I didn’t understand it at first, I will keep trying (Max).

On Tuesday this week we went to Alloa Academy to visit the business and computing department (Leah). We were learning to use excel and use a formula to add and multiply. Unfortunately we had some issues getting logged on and we did not complete all of our tasks. We are looking forward to completing the tasks back in class (P7).

Thank you for reading. Next week we are looking forward to Max in the Middle visiting.


P7 and Miss Stewart