This week in P3IL

We have done a lot of learning this week in P3IL! In literacy & our IDL, we have been working on our topic of Australia. We have been researching on the IPADs and writing down Australian animal facts in order to create an informative poster to share our learning from this topic. We are working in pairs to create our poster and we are looking forward to sharing our final creation with you in our snapshot jotters!

In Maths & Numeracy, we have been learning to multiply using arrays. It was brilliant to see the different ways our brains worked to solve the same problem. The question we had to figure out was,  “Four children each have 3 counters. How many counters do they have altogether?”

As we worked on the question, we learned to create an array with our counters to quickly figure it out.

We have had a full week of learning and are looking forward to next week!

Miss Low, Mrs. Jacobs & P3IL