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Maths –

We were learning to calculate addition tasks mentally (Summer). The activities we did this week were: working from the SHM textbooks (Beth), active approaches like using 3 digit spinners to make random number addition sums (Allana), word problems (Charlie M) and we used practical materials to help us e.g. place value counters (Allana).

This week we learned a variation of strategies, for example partitioning, near doubles, and compensation strategy (Summer/Charlie B) and created a poster showing the method we found most helpful.

Literacy –

We were learning to identify and use figurative language (Charlie B). This week we focused on metaphors (Andrew K). The activities we did this week were: We used words in a metaphors to help us understand what each metaphor is describing.

Writing – We were learning to apply our knowledge of figurative language. We wrote a fireworks sound poem, after watching a video showing fireworks. I know I was successful because I included examples of onomatopoeia (Daniel).



P7AG and P7LS presented the remembrance assembly this week. Therefore, we were learning to present to audience (Cameron). We practiced our own poems and recited Flanders Fields by John McCrae (Allana). We also created artwork and practiced our lines and roles for the assembly.

As part of the IDL lesson this week, we were also learning about concentration camps and the impact of these (Aaron).

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P7AG and Miss Gillon