This Week in P7LS…

Another busy week…

In Numeracy we have been learning to calculate area. On Tuesday we went outside for Maths, we used a meter stick and trundle wheel to calculate area (Summer, Aila). We learned that a hectare has 1-100 10×10 squares, which is 10,000m2 (Maria). Some of us measured the area of the football pitch in the playground, it is 480m2.


On Thursday for Halloween we made a floor plan of a haunted house and calculated the area of each room and the whole house. We also used alliteration to name the rooms. I was successful in calculating the area because I used my knowledge of times tables and my knowledge of A=LXB (Aila, Maria).


In reading we have been working on whisper reading. Whisper reading is when you read out loud so you can hear yourself but not too loud that others hear you (Nathan, Summer and Maria).

As we have been learning about poetry, we also went outside to create a sound poem. You used what we could hear in the playground to create this

In IDL we have creating silhouette chalk art. I was successful because I used colour, tone and shading with the chalk and designed and cut out a silhouette (Nathan). I enjoyed using art in learning as I asked for more art in last week’s evaluation (Summer).

Next week we are hosting the Remembrance assembly, so this week we have been organising our powerpoint and learning a poem called “Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (Maria).

.Thank you for reading.

P7 and Miss Stewart