This week in P7AG

A very busy week in P7AG. Check out our blog to find out what we have been learning!

Literacy –

We have continued to develop our knowledge of figurative language this week. We focused on personification this week (Summer). I know personification is when you describe a non-human thing using human traits (Ross). For example, the stars are dancing in the sky (Mia).

In writing, we have continued to focus on poetry this week (Leah). We have been learning to up-level our writing by re-drafting our remembrance poetry (Charlie B). Our focus this week was to use more examples of figurative language and improve our vocabulary. I know I was successful in my writing this week because I included examples of alliteration and personification (Leah). I know I was successful because I used different sentence length and made sure to include rhyming words (Charlie B).

Maths –

This week in maths we have been learning to calculate area (Emma). We know that to calculate the area of a rectangle we should multiple the length by the breadth (Charlie M). We also learned how to calculate the area of a right angled triangle (Emma).  To be able to do this we learned to multiply the breadth by the length and divide the total in half (Allana). The formula is half x by breadth x length (Charlie M). We also applied our knowledge of area on Thursday  when we completed a floor plan of a haunted house. I know I was successful because I used the formula length x breadth to work out the area of each room (Alicia).


This week in IDL we have been learning about Adolf Hitler and his rise to power after World War One (Bronik). We began the week investigating Hitler’s past before creating a posters and a mini group presentation (Andrew T). We now know he was:

  • A soldier in WW1 (Bronik).
  • He received the Iron Cross for Bravery during his time as a soldier. (Bronik).
  • He was born in Austria and not Germany (Daniel).
  • His parents died when he was young (Andrew K).

We then finished the week off by investigating how Hitler rose to power.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

Primary 7AG and Miss Gillon