This week in P7LS…

On Monday in Maths we started learning about decimal fractions. We were learning about place value past the decimal point. We took part in daily 10 quizzes, converting fractions to decimal fractions. We used place value to play a game with a pack of cards. We had to turn over 6 cards and we had to make the highest or lowest number. The person with the highest or lowest got the point. I found it a bit easy because I was quick at arranging numbers in order (Leon). I was successful with decimal fractions because I can now convert fractions to decimal fractions (Seren). Although I found it challenging at first I became successful in decimal fractions after the teacher explained it to me. I can now round decimals (Aila).

On Monday in IDL we were learning about communication in WW2. We listened to two different types of music, one was very upbeat while the other one was sad and slow (Maria). I preferred Chattanooga Choo Choo because it was very upbeat, fast and I liked the rhythm (Euan). I liked Vera Lynn White Cliffs of Dover because it was slow, it made me feel happy and hopeful (Seren).

Later in the week we were learning about Remembrance and why this is significant. Using our knowledge of remembrance we had to create a poem which had to include figurative language and emotions (Maria). I was successful because I used emotive language and description (Euan). I think I was successful because I used alliteration and teacher feedback to uplevel my work (Lachlan).

This week we were reminded about alliteration and we also learned about propaganda posters. Using our alliteration skills we designed propaganda posters (Maria, Euan). I was successful because I used alliteration appropriately and effectively to create a persuasive poster (Maria, Euan). I enjoyed making posters and I successfully used alliteration (Leah).

I hope you enjoyed another week in primary P7LS and look forward to next weeks blog.

From P7 and Miss Stewart