Week of 21.10.19 P7AG

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We have been learning to identify and use various visual elements such as colour, line and tone. We have been using colour to represent emotions – dark colours for negative emotions and bright colours for positive emotions (Emma). We have also been creating different patterns through the use of different types of lines and shapes (Alicia).


We have focused on poetry this week. We learned to identify different types of poems example: Acrostic (Bronik), Limerick (Alicia), Haiku (Bronik), Narrative Poem (Charlie), Free verse (Leah), Shape poem (Charlie M), and Kenning (Bronik).

Writing – We have been learning to use figurative language (Charlie) when writing a Remembrance poem (Leah). In our poem we included as many examples of alliteration, onomatopoeia, and similes (Beth). We then learned the skill of re-drafting and were able to use a thesaurus to up-level our vocabulary (Hayley) and dictionary to identify spelling errors (Bronik).


We have been developing our understanding of  the significance of music during WW2. We learned about the different types of music listen to during the time (Daniel). We listen to two main artists (Vera Lynn and Glenn Millar) and compared their work (Charlie M). We discovered that music was important at boosting moral during the war.


We have been learning to order decimals (Cameron). To be able to do this, we had to be able to recognise the value of each digit before putting these into order (Cameron). We also learned the terms acceding and descending (Aaron). We have used various active methods to help consolidate this knowledge, for example, dice and card games.


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P7AG and Miss Gillon.