This week in P7LS…

We have been doing a lot of exciting things in P7 this week.

This week in IDL we have been learning all about The Blitz in WW2 and how it started. On Monday we watched a video to get an idea on what the Blitz was like (Georgia). We also had to research using our knowledge of  digital technology to answer question on Anderson Shelters (Martyna, Cerys and Georgia). I was successful in using a search engine to search facts (Georgia). I found it a little challenging to pull out important points of the text (Cerys).

On Tuesday we used our Maths knowledge of perimeter to go outside and use the loose parts to build an Anderson Shelter (Max). We were given a 6m perimeter for the task. We had to use meter sticks and trundle wheels to mark out our perimeter (Martyna, Max). It was quite challenging to find pieces to build the shelter with (Martyna). Me and my group were successful because we marked out the perimeter (Max).

On Tuesday’s writing lesson we were learning to use description in our writing. We had to write a paragraph describing the Blitz (Euan). We had to include ambitious vocabulary and ambitious vocabulary (Aila). We also had to use onomatopoeia and similes to add description to our writing (Nieve). I found it challenging because it was hard to think of onomatopoeias (Leah). I was successful by managing to include two similes (Aila). I found it difficult to include lots of describing words and ambitious vocabulary (Euan). I think I was successful because I used lots of describing words and ambitious vocabulary (Nieve).

On Thursday during PE we used self assessment on how we think we have done during our rugby lessons (Ewan). We had to use green, amber or red to self assess (Lachlan). I was successful because I thought about my rugby skills (Jayden). We also played a game of bench ball (Leon).

During both health and wellbeing lesson we learned about women’s health. It can feel awkward talking about it when you’re a boy but I feel like I know more about it now (Ewan).

Yesterday, for the first time, we learned German with Mrs Coons (Umar). Mrs Coons gave us a paragraph about her and we had to translate this into English (Maria). We were successful because we used our inference skills to work out what the words were in English (Seren). Schottland is Scotland (Umar). Tschuss is Bye (Seren). Meerschweinchen is guinea pig (Maria).

We are looking forward to our Holiday. Have a nice holiday everyone.

From P7 and Miss Stewart