This week in P5/6 TG

It has been a busy final week and we are all looking forward to a short rest before the start of our next term.

Literacy: This week we extended our peer assessment skills by giving feedback to eachother about our daily writing tasks. We worked on using the context of a word to work out what it means, we used plickers cards to pick an answer and found words to fit in a sentence.  This week we learned the words diverse, lighthearted and innovative. Jaxon’s favourite word was lighthearted because it means happy and Eray’s was diverse because we are all different.

Numeracy:This week we started to look at multiplication as repeated addition.  We also discovered a website that can help us at home with maths, it’s called, I feel excited to use it at home. Megan

Health and Wellbeing: This week we had some P5’s join us for two short lessons that introduced the Menstrual Cycle.  We will get more lessons on this later in the year but for now we know what a girl can do if she starts her period in school.

During Max in the class we acted out a story where an old lady dropped her wallet. Each group had a different ending to make up and act out. Brooke

Amanda introduced a new game called coconuts, we counted up to seven but we had to say coconuts instead of seven – it was fun! Emma

PE: On Thursday it was our last basketball session and next  term we begin gymnastics!

Music: Next term we will all start chanter lessons, this is a programme  that the P6 classes did last year and we are looking forward to it.

RME: This week we did an aboriginal style painting  after learning about the Aboriginal Creation Story. It was fun but a challenging style of art. Brandyn

French: We practised writing out the numbers in French, I liked it because it’s nice to learn a new language.

German: Mrs Coons came into the class and spoke to us in German, we managed to work out some of the words. It was our first lesson and we enjoyed trying to figure out the new language, we are already looking forward to more lessons next term.