This week in P3IL

It has been such a busy and fun filled term, it is hard to believe it is already October break! This week in Literacy and English we have been learning about the structure of stories. In particular, we looked at how the authors of stories may do different things to bring out certain feelings in us and how we can start to do that in our writing. We have also been doing some ‘thinking outside the box’ drawing while we listen to our class novel. This has been very fun! – “I liked when we were drawing while you were reading.”

In Maths and Numeracy, we have began to subtract using the various strategies we have been working on this term. – “I liked picking the cards to do sums.”

In our topic, we have been learning about pointillism art from Australia and have had a go at making some of our own pointillism art Australian flags! – “I  liked doing the dots in art.”

We had a lovely wee surprise in music when Miss Low had a wee go at playing the piano!

Have a brilliant break and we look forward to next term!

P3IL & Miss Low