This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have had a rather exciting day – we are very proud and happy with how our assembly went this morning. We hope you enjoyed learning about Brazil, wandering through the Amazon Rainforest, hearing some samba beats and joining us for a shimmy!

Here is what we thought of our assembly…

People said their lines really clearly and didn’t get nervous! The butterflies in our tummies didn’t fly around too much. Malcolm

I loved playing our rainforest samba during our assembly. Everyone clapped so I think they enjoyed it too! Leah

We played our music well, we made sure we listened and watched Miss Smith and listened to all the instruments. Alex

We sat really well in assembly to make sure the audience were listening to the person who was speaking. Dylan

Everyone said their line so we are proud. Antos

I liked playing the music the best because I think we sounded like a real samba band. Eilidh

I liked when we did the singing and dancing. The audience joined in too. I didn’t get nervous when I said my line. Harvey