Primary 1EC

Primary 1EC

Week beginning 07.10.19


This week was a revision week for phonics P1EC. The children used active games and activities to consolidate their initial sounds. Our word building continues to progress with a lot of children developing in confidence when doing this independently.

For writing this week the children wrote an imaginative story about The Gingerbread Man’ Adventure. They came up with lots of super ideas.

‘The gingerbread man could go to a bakery.’ Hana

‘The gingerbread man could go to a wedding, he could marry a gingerbread girl’ Darcie

‘He could go to Asda’ Callen

‘The gingerbread man could go to the fun fayre.’ Jacob

The children are much more confident now at having a go at writing independently. The results are great!


On Thursday this week we started to look at addition. The children have picked this up very quickly. They are able to use pictures to help them complete simple addition sums. We used EducationCity and a game called Beach Holiday.

With Mrs Cuthbert we used the addition bus game and learned how to write out an addition sum using the + sign and the = sign.

‘I loved this game, can I play it again?’ Cooper

‘I know the + sign!’ Celestan

This week also look at estimation- we tried to make an sensible estimation of how many teddies we could see in the bags.


To go alongside our IDL topic of Fairyland we had planted our own beanstalk. The children have been learning how to care for it and what it needs to grow. Throughout the week Mrs Cuthbert has been doing a task with us. We had to label the different parts of a plant.

‘I know these are the roots’ Ryan M

The children were able to identify that plants needed the following things to help them grow:

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Somewhere warm





Melissa told us all about her swimming certificate that she was awarded. Great effort Melissa. Keep up the hard work!

This week all the children have had their learning journals updated. Please have a look with your child, there are 4 new observations, taken over the course of their first term in Primary 1.