This week in P2CF

In literacy We have been practicing ng, ch, th and sh.

We needed to find our sounds in our library books, we built words with Miss Higgins and identified new words with our sounds and drew and wrote them out. (Megan, Andrew, Jacob, Amelia, John, and Leighton).

Mr Fergus showed us the Monkey King story and we created our our picturess, crowns and tails.

In maths we we have been learning to add doubles. We did this by making sums using lego, singing the doubles song, played a special connect 4 game with Mrs King and making totals using our whiteboards and ten frames. (Erin, Jacob, Zayna, Paige, Isla, Angus, Andrew and Jack).

In IDL we have been learning about Japan:

We have learned…..

  • How to count to ten in Japanese.
  • That Japan has a lot of people and is very busy, especially the biggest city Tokyo.
  • How to say hello in Japanese.
  • That Japan has volcanoes and the most famous is mount Fuji, Scotland used to have volcanoes like the one under Edinburgh Castle.
  • We learnt about Sushi, a japanese food. We tried it and create pictures.
  • We also learnt that their are bullet trains and some pretty bad weather.

(Claire, Zac, Kyle, Braxton, Andrew, Jacob and Amber).