This Week in P7AG..

Welcome to P7AG’s weekly blog!


This week in writing we were learning to write a set of instructions (Alicia). We used our WW2 context and wrote a recipe using rationing ingredients (Andrew T). We also applied our knowledge of letter writing by attaching our recipe to a letter. The letter explained why we were sending the rationing recipe.

This week in literacy we have also been learning to summarise a text. “I know I was successful because I selected the most important details and put them into sentences.” (Ross).


In Numeracy we were learning to apply our knowledge of time real life contexts (Beth). We focused on working out durations at the beginning of the week and were able to use bus, train and cinema timetables to work out how long a journey or film would last (Charlie). As an extra challenge we worked out the journey time from our school to a designated trip. We even calculated the total cost for our class and were shocked at the overall cost!!


We have been learning about the impact of WW2 on food supplies (Bronik). We learned why the government started the rationing scheme (Liam), and how much an adult was entitled to each week (Leah). We then had to use the rations available to create a meal planner for the week (Leah). We also investigated the varying propaganda posters aimed at encouraging people to ration and created our own mini poster. We also learned that clothing, and fuel was rationed during WW2 (Bronik).

Primary 7AG and Miss Gillon.