Our learning this week in P.6JDW – 30.9.19

This week in P.6JDW – 30.9.19


Grace – “We have continued to play basketball and bench ball.  We have been improving our throwing skills and we have been learning to communicate respectfully to other team players.”


Jorja – “We wrote another newspaper article this week.  This time we wrote about a volcano eruption.  We have been working hard to use different resources to improve our writing skills.  Most people were using VCOP pyramids to give them ideas of ambitious vocabulary to use and some people have been using a dictionary to check their spelling.  We have been using an assessment checklist to help us include the correct features of a newspaper report.”


Stephanie – “ This week we learned all about wildfires in our IDL lessons.  We carefully drew a wildfire drawing and we were learning how to shade to highlight the background in our drawing.”


Michael and Josh – “We have continued to learn about addition this week.  We have been learning different strategies to help us solve mental additions sums.  It has been good to learn some new strategies because it has made it easier for us to solve mental maths sums.  We have been using our rounding and partitioning skills to help us with addition sums.”