This week in P7LS…

This week was evacuee week in P7.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning how to tell the time. We have been working from textbooks and using Education City to help us with out learning (Aila). I was successful in reading time because I can count backwards and forwards in minutes, seconds, hours, months and years (Maria, Euan).  I find learning about time fun because today we worked in groups to find out the time in other countries and how long it takes to get there (Halle).


In Writing we were learning to write a diary entry. We had to write a diary entry as if we were a WW2 evacuee. I was successful because I managed to include thoughts and feelings (Aila). I was successful because I wrote in first person (Nathan). I was successful because I used “Dear Diary” (Maria). We had to make it include billions of emotions so that we really captured the essence of what it was like to be a real evacuee (Maria, Euan).

In Literacy we were learning to use onomatopoeia. We had to create a comic strip on the life of an evacuee at the time of the war. I was successful because I used onomatopoeic language in all of my comic strip boxes (Georgia, Sean).  

In IDL art we were learning to use more of the visual elements. We learned about an artist called Picasso. We are creating paper sculptures. We used colour, line and shape to add depth and emotion to our faces as we want to covey the emotion of an evacuee. I have been using different patterns and using purples, blues and black to show a depressed emotion of an evacuee’s feelings (Ewan). I think mines is good so far because i am using lots of shapes (Max). I am looking forward to completing the sculptures, I think mines is pretty good because I have used different shades in the design (Ethan).




We are looking forward to next week.

From P7 and Miss Stewart