P7AG’s Blog 27.09.19

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This week in IDL we have been learning about the evacuation process [Alicia] and what the life of an evacuee was like. During our lessons, we listened to music of the time and particularly enjoyed the song “Run Rabbit” [Emma]. We also responded to the air raid siren by getting into the brace position under our tables.

We continued to take ownership our own learning and researched: who was evacuated? [Beth], why they were evacuated? [Emma], and what they had to take with them? [Beth]. We also designed our own suitcase and packed the relevant items.  We enjoyed learning our IDL through literacy, numeracy and art this week and have asked Miss Gillon if we can do this again next week.


This week we were learning to write a diary entry as part of our IDL context [Dylan]. We put ourselves into the shoes of an evacuee and wrote a diary entry about the evacuation process [Alicia].

We also learned how to self-assess our own writing against the success criteria and identified our next steps  [Charlie M]. “I know I was success today because I wrote in first person and included emotive language.” [Charlie M]. “I was success because I put emotive language in each part [of my diary entry]” [Ross].  Self-assessment allows me “to be more independent”  [Charlie M].


This week in literacy we have been learning to summarise [Mia]. We used our WW2 context and read a passage titled “War Child”. We selected the most important information and put these into concise sentences. We also learned an array of facts about evacuation in the process.

This week we also consolidated our spelling rules taught during the previous weeks and completed an array of spelling challenges as part of our literacy rotations.

Maths – Time

Group 1 – At the start of the week we were learning to convert time between hours, minutes and seconds [Summer]. We then finished the week by learning to work out complex time durations.

Group 2 – We have been learning to calculate time durations [Andrew T] using the time line strategy.

Group 3 – We have been learning to convert between 12 and 24 hour time.

We made use of Education City this week to consolidate our knowledge and enjoyed this because “was a fun way to learn” [Andrew T].

Buddy time

This week we all enjoyed our buddy session. We particularly enjoyed teaching the Primary 1 to identify different technologies. “Being a buddy is a big responsibility”[Leah].


This week in P.E we were learning how to move into appropriate space [Charlie M] as part of our rugby context [Leah]. We had to move around the hall and find a space to receive a pass.

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P7AG and Miss Gillon