This week in P7LS…

This week we have been learning lots in our new topic WW2.

We have been learning to use the internet as a research tool. On Monday in groups we had questions about how the war started and we had to find the answers (Umar). I think we were successful because we were able to find the information to answer the questions accurately (Nieve). We were successful in finding the right website to help us with our learning (Caleb).

We continued with our learning intention throughout the week and we were asked to make a poster about a certain country that was  involved in WW2 (Martyna). We were successful because everyone put effort in to the posters and they were all full of information (Ethan).







In Writing we have been linking our topic to our work. This week we were learning to write a newspaper article. We were to write an article about the start of the war and the date of the article was the 4th of September ( Cerys, Maria ). We were successful because we included headings that were short and snappy. We were successful because we included true facts and information ( Cerys ).

In Numeracy we have been learning to multiply. We were learning new and different strategies to find the answer to our questions (Maria ). At the beginning of the week I couldn’t do one digit multiplied by two digits but now today I managed to multiply two digit by three digits, I was so proud of myself ( Cerys ).

We hope you enjoyed are blog we will give you another update next week.

From P7 and Miss Stewart