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This week in writing we have been learning to write a newspaper article. We used our IDL WW2 context, “to write a newspaper article the day after World War 2 started” (Stuart). We also listened to Neville Chamberlain’s radio broadcast, when he shared the news Britain was at war with Germany. We selected information relevant to our newspaper report and quotes his speech.  “I know I was successful because I included a grabbing headline, and wrote in third person” (Charlie). “I included a quote from Neville Chamberlain’s speech to make my newspaper more realistic” (Charlie B).

In spelling this week we learned a new spelling rule (Katie-Leigh) and applied my understanding of the rule when completing an array of “spelling challenges” (Stuart).

In reading, we continued to read the class novel ‘Diary of a Brilliant Kid’ by Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey. We completed various activities as outlined in the book; namely we have been keeping a diary of “three good things that happen to us each day, and how these make us feel” (Katie-Leigh).



This week in numeracy we have been learning to multiply (Corey).

The red group were learning different strategies for multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers mentally. We learned the grid method, and the partitioning method before deciding on which one we favoured (Addison). See an examples below…


In the Blue and the Green group we also learned the partitioning strategy to help multiply 2 digit numbers by a single digit.

In the yellow group we continued to develop our understanding learned how to multiply single digit by single digit numbers. We practised these through active timetables games.

We found learning different strategies challenging because“I rely on one strategy and it was difficult to take on a different method” (Mia). “I enjoyed being taught different strategies because it let me pick the one that worked for me. I know that everyone learns differently.” (Ross)



This week in IDL we have continued to develop our understanding of the events surrounding the beginning of WW2 (Hayley). We also learned about the different countries involved in the war (Mia) and were able to distinguish between the Allies and Axis countries (Daniel). We have also been learning about the “leaders of the countries involved in WW2 and how each country was ran, for example if it was a democracy or a dictatorship” (Bronik).

We have continued to take ownership of our learning, by researching given topics in both non-fiction books and the internet. We have then worked collaborative to present this information to the class. “I have enjoyed learning this way because it meant I could be the teacher” (Hayley). “I liked researching and presenting because we were actually doing it ourselves” (Ross). “I found the task challenging because we had to present the information to the class and this made me nervous but after it I felt proud I did it” (Aaron).


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