This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been consolidating numbers within 10 by practising our formation and playing counting games. We also made links with our homework and made some finger patterns, using both hands. We played a teddy bear game to help us visualise this. We even made some patterns using peg boards, beads, cubes and superhero pictures. We then learned how to use iPads to take pictures of our work as evidence.

We had to grab the teddies into the houses and we made finger patterns. 2 and 3 makes 5.” – Sarah

We had to answer ‘how many?’ and colour it in.” – Lucas

We had to count the sandcastles.” – Nevaeha


In Literacy, we learned two new sounds: c and k. We had lots of opportunities for word building and had to say, make, read and write CVC words, using our satipn sounds. We had a formation station in our classroom where we could practice writing our names. We also each wrote a story called The Friendly Dragon, as this linked in with our Fairyland topic.

I like to write my name because it helps me get better at it.” – Faith

A dragon breathed fire to make the sun come back in our story.” – Abigail

I wrote my name on the back of my work.” – Finlay

“I drew a dragon and it breathed fire.” – Zack

“Camera starts with ‘c’.” – Oscar


In Health and Wellbeing, we read a story called We are gentle…we don’t hurt others. We explored the story and discussed ways we could be gentle towards others.

“You don’t punch or hit. We play and keep our hands to ourselves instead of others.” – Lucas

“No kicking anybody.” – Logan

“Miss Beanie was happy because they were being kind.” – Finlay