Primary 1EC Week Beginning 09.09.19

PE: Mr Foley

P1EC have been working hard in their first 4 weeks of PE with Mr Foley. They’ve been developing their ‘Balance and control’ by creating different positions and holding various shapes. They have been exploring different ways of ‘travelling,’ with different speeds, levels, directions and stopping safely.

Emily ‘I like these running games, they’re fun.’ 

The children are showing improvement in their control and footwork.

Callen: ‘I’m getting better when I move’ 

We have started some individual and partner throwing and catching, but will continue to consolidate this over the course of the year in different situations.

Overall P1EC have had a great start to PE in P1 and are finding the lessons challenging and fun.


This week we have been developing our Fairyland display. Both Primary 1 classes have been working together to create a beanstalk, giant’s feet, clouds and Jack. Our Big Buddies helped us with the leaves of the beanstalk.


Now that we have learned 6 initial sounds we are able to build some simple words such as sat, pin, ant, pan, tap. Mrs Cuthbert has been very impressed with our word building skills. We can say, make, break, blend and then write the word. In our literacy activities we have been using magnetic boards to build words independently. As part of our consolidation week we created a graffiti chart of the 6 initial sounds S, A, T, P, I, N. We could draw a picture, write a word or practice writing the sound. We worked well together.

We have also made zig zag books for our sounds. We cut out pictures from magazines and catalogues of things that started with our S, A, T, P, I, N sounds.

‘We think these are great!’ Hana


During numeracy this week the children have been using number fans and tens frames to help them with identifying numbers.

Our counting is improving all the time. We are working hard to accurately start counting from any number up to 30 and counting back from 10.

During our pattern work this week we used interactive games, practical activities and a consolidation worksheet to show our understanding.



At the end of this week we spent time looking at each other’s homework for ideas we could use in next week’s homework.