This Week in P7LS…

This week was awesome!

This week two people came in to our school from Max in the Middle. We played a few games and learned a little bit about Max in the Middle (Josh). We are looking forward to them coming back in November (Caleb).

In Numeracy we are learning to multiply. We learned to use a few different strategies to multiply single digit with double digits and double digits with double digits (Ethan). One of the strategies you have to double one and half the other (Ethan). It was fun because we didn’t understand it on the first day but on the second day we tried more examples and got it (Sean). It was hard at the beginning but it got more fun as we got more in to it (Nathan). We also played a multiplication  games, where we chose a timetables and had to answer questions as quick as possible. We are going to try get quicker at answering the questions the more we play (Jayden).

In Literacy we have been reading our new novels. I am reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I think it is exciting so far (Max). I am reading The Girl of Ink and Stars. I am really enjoying it because it is a mystery on an island where a best friend disappears (Summer). I am reading Super Fudge. I think it’s good because it is funny (Scott). I’ve been reading Moonlocket. I think the book is really mysterious and dangerous because one of the main characters escapes prisons (Sean).

This week we found out what topic we will be learning about. We also had to write down what we already knew, how we wanted to learn and what we want to know (Logan). I think I will really enjoy the topic because I’m interested in it (Leon).

This week in PE we have been learning to play touch rugby so we can practise for the rugby tournament (Sean). I find it really fun (Finlay). I think it is fun because it is a sport and I enjoy sport (Alex).

Below is our term 1 curriculum newsletter.

P7LS Curriculum Newsletter Aug to Oct, 2019

We hope you have a good weekend.

P7 and Miss Stewart