This week in P.6JDW 6.6.19

In IDL, we have been learning about the structure of the Earth.  Earth has 5 layers:  Crustle, Upper Mantle, Mantle, Outer Core and Inner Core.  We created a model of the earth to show our understanding of the different layers.   Sophie

In Numeracy we were learning how to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.  The rule for rounding is:  if the digit in the units column is 0-4 you round down to the nearest 10 and if the digit is 5-9 you round up to the next nearest 10.  Scott M

In Health and Wellbeing, we learned about the shanarri indicators.  We discussed the indicators and then created posters displaying what each letter stands for.  Rebecca

In Writing, we were writing an imaginative story.  We watched a video clip to give us ideas and this helped us to create our plan.  The next day we used our plan to help us write a similar story.  Jorja and Airingas.

For exercise and a brain break we did go noodle.  We danced to the song Go Bananas.   This helped us to get ready for the next lesson.  Scott S

As part of our Literacy rotations, we completed 4 different tasks throughout the week.  We practised our handwriting skills, we developed our reading comprehension skills, we had time for personal reading and we practised spelling the days of the week.  Ava

We started a new class novel called Holes.  After we read the front cover and the blurb, we used the information to visualise what the front cover may look like.  We created our own front cover.  This week we have managed to read chapters 1-5 and today we did the word finder task which involved us working as a pair to identify any unknown vocabulary and then we had to find the meaning using a dictionary.  Scott M

In P.E we were developing our basketball skills.  We had to try to throw the ball into the hoop.  It was fun.  Lewis H

Wider Achievements:

Michael – I was awarded with ‘footballer of the month’ trophy and it made me happy.

Scott S – I was awarded with a Judo certificate for my second mon.