P7AG – Week 02/09/19

Numeracy –

This week in Numeracy we continued to learn about place value (Charlie). We have been ordering numbers and rounding numbers. We used dice to create random numbers before ordering these. This task was more active than completing work from a text books and this meant we enjoyed it more (Aaron). We also learned the rounding rule and listened to the rounding rap. This helped us to round numbers to the given 1000, 100 or 10.


Literacy –

This week in Literacy we continued to read the novel Diary of a Brilliant Kid, and completed a follow up letter writing task. The letter was addressed to our 2%ers (Charlie). These are people that are positive and make us happy. We were learning to position the component of a letter correctly and structure our writing so it was interesting for our reader (Addison).

This week we also voted for our in class reading books, choosing the book most interesting to us. We then learned how to make a prediction based on the front cover and the blurb at the back (Allana).


This week, we helped our Buddies decorate leaves for their Fairyland topic. We used various different materials to create unique leaves, which will be displayed in the primary 1 classroom. We enjoyed our buddy time because we got to do art and were able to spend time with our buddies (Leah).

Next week we will find out our new IDL topic through a problem solving treasure hunt. Check out our blog next week to find out what our new IDL will be!

P7AG and Miss Gillon.