P2CF Class Blog – 05/09/2019

Here are just some of the things that P2CF have been getting up to this week!

In Numeracy, we have been working at different stations to learn about 2D shapes.

-I played an iPad game.  We needed to press the button for the next shape in a pattern. (Andrew)

-A pentagon has got 5 sides and 5 corners. (Jack)

-An octagon has got 8 corners and 8 sides. An octopus helps me to remember this! (Jacob)

In Literacy, we have been making and reading 3 and 4 letter words.

-We used Play-Dough to make the letters in my name. (Zac)

-We played the Race Around game.  You read the word and find it in the picture. (John)

-We used magnetic letters to make the alphabet. (Kian)

As part of our Health and Wellbeinglessons we have been focussing on following our new class rules.

-Our first rule is sitting quietly and looking at the person who is talking. (Josh)

-We listen to all of the words. (Zayna)

-We sit still.  We can put our hands on our knees, cross our arms, or put a finger on our lips. (Angus)