This week in P7LS…

We really enjoyed this fun week in P7.

This week in Numeracy we have continued to learn about place value. We have been ordering numbers, rounding numbers and estimating. This week we played shops and became alien supermarket workers and customers. We bought items from planet Zog and bought items using scroops. Customers were given tokens that increased or decreased the value of the items. We had to tell the shopkeeper how much the new price would be. I found it challenging when we had decrease the numbers (Martyna). I found it fun learning through playing games rather than textbooks (Jayden). I found it challenging to subtract during the shop keeper game (Euan).  I like playing the ‘What is my number’ because we had to ask questions to find out the number (Summer).







This week we finally got our new group reading books. We got a selection of books and in our groups we had to read the blurb and then vote on our favourite book.  After choosing our new book we made predictions on what we thought the book would be about. It was a bit challenging because you had to find lots of detail to try and get a detailed prediction (Umar). I was successful because I used the blurb and the front cover to make a prediction (Leah).

Using our class novel we were learning to write a letter. This week we wrote a letter to our 2%ers. These are people that are positive and make us happy. I found it challenging to start to start the letter off (Finlay). I was successful because I had an address and I started with ‘Dear’ (Josh).

This week for Buddies we helped them decorate leaves for their Fairyland topic. This is for their display in their classroom. Me and my little buddy enjoyed it because it was fun (Josh). Me and my little buddy enjoyed it as it was nice starting activity to do with them (Ewan). Some of us enjoyed getting paint on our hands and using our fingertips to paint (Nathan).

Our SHANARRI topic has now come to an end. This week were learning how to be safe online and we have made something for our buddies to make them feel included.

We are looking forward to finding out what our new topic is and starting it.

From P7 and Miss Stewart