This week in P2/3RS…

It has been another busy week in P2/3RS. We have been learning to work hard together and take turns. Most excitingly however, a new person has joined our class and we would like to tell you more about her…

She is a very special bear who lives in P2/3RS. She is always on the look out for children who are following her special listening rules. These are… to sit still, be quiet, look at the person who is talking and to listen to all of the words. She is helping us to follow instructions in the classroom and gym hall as well as take turns and share.

Olivia – I love bear! She is fluffy and cuddly and helps me learn. 

Lucie – Bear gives us house points when she sees us listening well or working hard. She helped me with my Maths today.

Archie – Bear gave us all a house point today when we worked hard at our Maths stations!

Don’t worry – Bear will get a ‘proper’ name very soon but she is just taking the weekend to consider all the children’s ideas!