Primary 1EC

Week Beginning 02.09.19

Primary 1EC are doing very well with their morning routines. They have picked this up quickly and are ready to start our daily programme, by just after 9am. Good job!


This week we have revised the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ and have learned ‘i’, ‘p’ sand ‘n’. We have enjoyed singing through the songs and doing the actions.

Mrs Cuthbert has been very impressed with our word building. Using the sounds that we have learned we have built words such as pan, tin, sat, sit, at, an, it, tap, pit, tip. We can show you using our homework sound cards. Ask us!

‘Look Mrs Cuthbert I have spelt ants’ Rhys

We have continued to work on our formation of our initial sounds and have used active strategies such as glitter and playdoh to help us.

‘I can make all of our sounds’ Hana


With Ms Elizabeth we have been looking at identifying and continuing a colour and/or shape pattern. We have learned a pattern song and have used online games and activities to support our learning.


P1EC have now had 4 sessions of PE with our specialist Mr Foley. They love going to his classes and ask everyday if it is PE!

We have been learning about taking turns, sharing and working in pairs and small groups. All our activities have been play-based games.